Balaguer Bataller Lawyers publishes a basic guide of spanish legislation for foreigners

What is considered a crime in Spain and what is not, how to proceed in case of being accused of a crime in the Spanish territory or how to act in case of being a victim of a crime are the three basic questions that are collected in a new information leaflet published by the Balaguer Bataller law firm.

The guide offers the foreigner, who is temporarily or permanently settling in Spain or who is passing through, a list of frequently asked questions in a four-page document downloadable in pdf. The user will find basic information about crimes related to driving a vehicle, drug use and possession, but also aspects about the situation of the detained and the rights that assist them. The document ends with the basic information of the rights of the person who has been a victim of a crime in Spanish territory.

The leaflet is already available in Spanish and English language. It will be published soon in Italian.


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