The Firm Balaguer Bataller lawyers, specialists in Prison law, Penal law and Penal enforcement, is prepared, trained and entitled to represent their clients before any organ or throughout the judicial and administrative operators. The firms operates all over the spanish geography as well as in all countries in Europe (see the map below).


Balaguer Bataller lawyers represent their clients in all criminal matters, offering advice on any matter within the scope of the criminal law. The office is responsible for the criminal case since the beginning until the end of the penalty imposed – in case of conviction-.

Balaguer Bataller Lawyers are specialized in prison law and capable to offer an integral service covering the entire criminal process, from instruction to enforcement.

The aim of the Firm is the defense of the interests of their clients in all kinds of disputes relating to the field of criminal law, where every issue is approached not only as technical matter, but also from the personal point of view.

Balaguer Bataller focuses on counseling and criminal defense in all kinds of crimes that can affect both individuals and companies. Once the file is open, the office continues its work in order to obtain the best criminal response to the customer, trying to prevent his entry into prison, in any case.

Drunk driving

Driving without points







Gender violence


Child abuse

Attack on authority

False testimony

Breach of conviction

Illegal possession of arms




Balaguer Bataller is also specialized in international criminal law acting in extradition matters, European Arrest Warrant (Euroorden) and others, in collaboration with international law Firms and the US General Consulate in Barcelona.


The main services of the Firm are:

-Advice of legal possibilities facing a custodial sentence of freedom in order to avoid it.

-Preventive and integrated prison advice to other law Firms in order to focus on the criminal process.

-Preparation for the incoming in prison.

-Monitorize the prison file of the client since the beginning of the sentence until final licensing.

-Communication with all legal operators: Prisons, Department of Justice of the Generalitat of Catalonia; Penitentiary Institutions, Penitentiary Courts, Bar associations; Social Services of Criminal Enforcement.

-Information to the family of the inmate about everything related to sentencing and enforcement.

-Specific services related to the treatment area to those people who are already internal in a prison such as:

-Processing of exit permits.

-Management of prison classifications.

-Processing of the third grade prison and probation.

-Management of transfers.

-Presentation of resources.

-Any type of legal assistance before the prison administration or prisons centers.